The Great Gift of Light


All the Kings Men

In a small military base at the edge of the kingdom of elrich three men had been stationed; The Elves Case and Centine and the Dwarf Uthar. The low-level soldiers spent the days carrying out the routine tasks of this small, unimportant base.

One day Centine spotted a large whale in the waters outside the base and soon after an earthquake rocked the base, animals came from the woods and attacked. It was the druids, the war had found it’s way to this part of the world. Uthar was inside the command tent when a rogue getting a tattoo was downed. The commander grabbed Uthar (the only rogue around), gave him the tattoo and told him to get away from the base. Uthar ran into Case and Centine and the three fought there way to the lighthouse where they where knocked unconscious.

They woke in a jail cell and soon found that a fellow soldier was being kept in the cell next to them. The druid captain Salem summoned the three and told them they had been taken abort the whale submarine. He asked much about the tattoo and when convinced that they really knew nothing about it he offered them release. Salem gave them a room to stay in on the way to the town to be released in. one light a shadowy women attacked, she poisoned Uthar and tried to cut the tattoo from his arm but was blinded by Cases light spell. She then ran away when Salem and his men came to help. Salem told the party that it was a black operative of the King that had came to kill them before the tattoo was found.

Salem dropped the party in the town of Abathen, far from the kings war. In a tavern they found that the town was overrun with street gangs filled with teens trying to avoid the draft. leaving the tavern they stumbled open a gang chasing a young boy. They defeated the gang and rescued the boy. He introduced himself as benjemin and took them back to his house. They meet Sam (his mother), Angelia (sister) and sadie (little sister). Sadie introduced herself as princess sadie and gave centine a necklace she had made for him, and sam offered her house to the party. The next day Uthar passed a girl in a red dress on the street who he thought he had seen before. When he asked her she said she did not know him but that he should come see her dance in the pub tonight. Her name was Malovich.



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