The Great Gift of Light


The Girl in the Red Dress

The party went to the tavern to watch Malovich dance. The party (after bad will saves) was fascinated by the girl. After the show the group noticed trouble outside. The group made their way to the docks just in time to see a large ship crash into the docks. They climbed aboard the ship and rescued the survivors. As they clum off the ship they saw a wall of water being sucked into the sky. The party helped the town rush to an old, unused underground shelter. As they closed the door of the shelter with the last of the villagers they saw the “storm” move onto land and tear apart the village as it ws sucked into the sky.

Once the town had settled into the shelter to weather the storm, Ben and the boys went into the back cavern tunnels to play. A scream echoed through the cavern and the party found one of the boys paralyzed with fear. Malovich attended to the boy but he would not wake from his fear and after several odd occurrences from the caverns the party decided it was time to venture in and find out what was goin on. With Malovich and several town guards the party went into the taverns and defeated a small winged creature. Eventually they made it to the back of the caverns and saw a demon like creature on a throne in a large room with a glowing pit in the middle. The demon closed the doors and separated the party and malovich from the rest of the guards. They defeated the demon and took the key that was hanging around his neck. when they did the pit began to rumble and a huge fiery demon emerged. They fled down the hall with the demon close behind them. Soon the demon caught them and grab malovich. As he lifted he from the ground she screamed and passed out. As the party turned to battle the demon, malovich suddenly awoke and let out a massive scream. A powerful blue light burst from her body and as the party recoiled from the shock wave they saw the demon disintegrated into nothing.

They picked up malovich’s limp body and went back to the cave entrance. Soon malovich awoke but remember nothing that had happened.

After a few days and no more disturbances the storm passed…but the town had been destroyed. The townspeople gathered what was left and the party lead a caravan to the next large city.

On the way, the group explores a threat from a goblin and falls into a pit where they encounter a underground goblin encampment which housed a hydra. they defeated the hydra and made it back to the party safely.

While passing through the plains the group encounters a group of mercenaries lead by Silas, the human ranger. The mercenary stayed with the caravan and in return guards the townspeople. During the night Uthar was kidnapped by the shadowdancer and in the morning the party and the mercenaries set out to find him. meanwhile the shadowdancer injected truth serum into Uthar and start questioning him about “the girl”. The party found the cave and was attacked by Worgs. The party defeated the worgs and eventually scared away the shadowdancer with a burst of intense light, but in the battle Dallic the Hafling (a mercenary) was killed. Back at camp Silas was furious at the death in his party but Balen the elven monk told them it was not their fault, death is a part of being a mercenary.

During their search the caravan had continued on and the party hurried to catch up. The soon saw a group of the king’s soldiers coming toward them and were alarmed until they saw Malovich was leading the party, she had come back to find them with reinforcements from the town they had reached.

I the town the mayor threw the party a huge party for safely bringing a thousand new people (taxpayers) to his town, and gave them lavish rooms and a servant in the castle. At the party Case talk with some shadowy figures who had been watching him. The next day Uthar found a gnome scholar in the kings castle and asked him (confidentially, he wasn’t suppose to study celestial) what his tattoo said. The gnome told him that it was written in celestial words but in an ancient giant alphabet “the great gift of light” He told Uthar of a old fairy tale that mentioned the “Great gift of light”, or in the original Giant, MALO-VICH.



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